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    1. Before You Get Started: Create a Safe Space

    2. Day 1 - Busting the Anger Myths

    3. Day 2: Uncovering Your Anger Story

    4. Day 2 Bonus: How to Muscle Test? Muscle Test Your Beliefs!

    5. Day 3: Tracking Anger in the Body

    6. Day 3 Bonus: How to Scan & Muscle Test Anger in the Body

    7. Day 4: From Good Girl to Wild Woman - Marrying the 2 Archetypes

    8. Day 5: Important Message & Conclusion

    9. Day 5: Tools and Practices to Release Anger in a Healthy Way

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About this course

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  • 14 lessons

What Former Participants Have to Say About My Courses

“I think everyone should experience the course; as it takes you into the sacredness of women’s lives… the magic and mystery of our cycles and reproductive abilities, the beauty of honouring it all. So much information imparted with wisdom and respect, sacred space created and held by Nadine, and a gathering of such a cross-section of women, all offering their truths and perspectives. Magnificent”

“ I had just started my journey of discovery of my feminine energy when I started the Feminine Flow course and I am so happy I signed up because this was just the perfect balance of good information and gentle support to get me on the right track to keep discovering, healing and bettering not only my feminine energy, but my whole self. I still have so long to walk, but I feel I am definitely on the right path and even if I veer off, I know it's meant to be. No more judgment, more embracing life! This is amazing! Thank you so much!”

“Nadine is a fantastic woman helping you in healing and thriving. She has great energy, supportive and calm. When you attend her Q&As, you seem to be sitting on a yacht on the sea - calm, comforted, and at peace. She gives you so much unconditional love that you start loving yourself. It is deeply transformational, and I recommend it. I improved my relations with other women - I healed and opened up for other women. And those friendships that I started rebuilding now start growing and help me be at peace. This was AWESOME! You have to join when Nadine decides to open the door for the next round of this course. It is priceless! <3”

“Thank you Nadine! 4 weeks is a life changing experience for me. I started to make my bucket list. Bucket list #1 self love and. Bucket list #14 is to take a free online course, I believe that I am meant to be part of this course 🙏 thank you for being my guiding light,for encouraging me, thank you for making me feel that I am worthy of love and respect 🙏😇 ”

“I absolutely loved my sessions with Nadine! I did 3 sessions with Nadine and she had the whole program set from starting my healing journey in the first one to finishing it off with a closure and completion. Her voice is so soothing and she has an amazing way to guide you to your Divine intelligence so you are completely ready to heal. Nadine prompted the right questions during the session to understand why, what, how things had happened and what was needed to move ahead for my future. Her scans were spot on and Nadine was well prepared before our session on what to focus on. She suggested some simple routines for me to follow based on her scans and it has been life changing for me. No questions were left unanswered from my sessions. The imprints are amazing, leaves me feeling so good in the mornings and evenings and I feel it will be easy to follow for 69 days! Nadine uses a beautiful background sound along with the imprints which helps me to go deeper into Theta state while listening to get the benefits from it. I feel I gave myself the best gift to have sessions with Nadine! ”

“This course has truly brought a lot of gifts on my way and I am very grateful to Nadine and all the beautiful participants that made this space one that feels like home. I learned a lot from every week’s video and I was amazed how giving importance to inner topics and noticing them during every week in my daily life brought me so many valuable experiences and awareness. I really enjoyed sharing my experiences within the group and live q&a. I feel that was the most transformative part of this course for me. My favorite part was about learning the importance of commitment to myself and how to honor my space. ”

It's Time To Reclaim Your Wild Woman Fire

Are you ready?

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Bonus material

Here's your 3 bonuses that you don't want to miss

  • Workbook

    This workbook is designed to provide you with all the practices discussed in the videos. It serves as your journal for this course and I encourage you to engage in free-writing and explore the depths of your thoughts. Towards the end of the workbook, you'll find a variety of helpful resources that can aid you in your endeavors and provide great guidance to continue on your journey. Remember, this is just the beginning.

  • Bonus Video: How To Do Muscle Testing

    Enhance Your Self-Awareness with Muscle Testing Techniques: 
In this bonus video, you'll discover how to use three different techniques for muscle testing. By doing so, you'll tap into the innate intelligence of your body and leverage it in your daily life. This will allow you to form a stronger connection with yourself while also tuning into your intuition, which serves as your compass.

  • Bonus Video: How To Track Anger In Your Body

    Learn to Monitor Anger in Your Body with this Video Guide
: Discover how to identify where anger resides in your body with this informative video. Using my personal experiences, I will demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique. This deep dive into self-exploration will help you uncover aspects of yourself that you never knew existed.


  • When does the course start?

    Unlike my other courses, Feminine Flow and She's Worthy, this particular course is designed for self-study so you can work at your own convenience.

  • How and where do I start?

    This course is structured to guide you every step of the way, starting with the introduction. It is recommended that you take at least one day between each video and lesson to allow for better retention of the material. Although you are free to go at your own pace, it's best not to rush through the content. Give yourself the time to let the information sink in and integrate.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Once you've signed up for Sacred Anger, you'll have lifetime access to the course. However, please note that access to the course will remain available until a decision is made to take it down. After buying the course, you will have access to the material for at least one year. If the course material is transferred to a new teaching platform, you will receive all the login information for the new platform.

  • What happens when you make changes or add new content to the course?

    When you make a purchase, all updates and additions to the course are included without any extra charge. You will receive all updates and changes as they are made.

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